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A dental emergency may happen without warning. It needs proper attention and immediate treatment by a dentist. A toothache alone is not an emergency, but pain in a tooth is a sign of a dental issue. The tooth and its structures show various traumas. We suggest immediate emergency attention to them. You may lose your tooth by a sudden fall, fracture in sports, age, or infection. Your broken or chipped teeth, broken dentures or braces need immediate dental attention. Extreme discomfort needs fast treatment.

Reimplantation of avulsed teeth

A tooth may be avulsed in accidents, a blow to the face, and where there are periodontal issues. We recommend instant dental care for knocked or fallen teeth. A knocked tooth isn't the only thing that falls out from the root. It brings along structures associated with it. We suggest that you have the tooth replanted immediately after the fall or at least within 20 minutes. Do not touch the tooth. Do not clean it with any harsh liquids. Place the tooth in milk and rush to the dentist. We suggest these tips as first aid to prevent loss of the tooth. We can reimplant your tooth at our office, or we will do a root canal if required. Touch only the crown when you bring the tooth to us.


Toothaches are undeniable and can’t be left untreated. They are acute. The reasons for them may vary. But in traumatic emergencies, they should be attended to immediately. A toothache starts from the damaged tooth and effects its structures. Toothaches from cavities and decays are less traumatic. The pain of fractured or broken teeth, the impact of the wisdom teeth, fallen or knocked teeth, fallen out fillings, broken dentures, etc. are emergencies that need instant attention. When a tooth falls out due to sudden impact, the tooth is dislodged from its position. When the periodontal issue gets acute and inflammation or an abscess become unbearable, you need to visit our dentists. We will relieve your pain and relax you before starting any treatments. The pain relief will make chewing easier.

Chipped or broken teeth

We start by alleviating the pain, examining the tooth, planning a restoration, and bonding the tooth. A tooth may break on the edge in an invisible hairline fracture, or a part of it may chip or split up to the root. The severity of the breakage of a tooth will vary according to the accident that caused it. We will suggest a composite bonding or a simple filling. We perform the restorations to make your teeth appear as natural as before. We will crown the implant. A tooth can be damaged at the enamel lining or deep into the pulp cavity. This causes inflammation and infections around the tooth, which may further complicate the injury. Hence, we recommend immediate dental care to identify the extent of the damage. We are here to treat your tooth at an instant.

Loose teeth

Loose or moving teeth are caused by various reasons. Irrespective of the cause, loose teeth need immediate dental attention. A dentist will tighten or retract them to their position. We look forward to helping you preserve your teeth. Many people see loose teeth as a problem of seniors, as over time they develop bone loss. Some people grind their teeth more with age. The mobilization of adult teeth may occur due to a fall or trauma as well. Children have moving teeth due to grinding and hard chewing.  They can also have mobility based on the age of the baby teeth. We recommend not pulling a moving tooth, but rather having an evaluation by a dentist.

Mouth sores

Mouth sores come and go, but are recurrent. They are fungal or viral and caused by herpes. They form blisters in various locations of the mouth, its soft tissues, and the lining of the lips. Outbreaks of mouth sores cause fever, hormonal changes, and disturb the immune system. A blister starts by a burning sensation growing into an ulcer and subdues after 8-10 days. We prescribe mouthwashes and topical ointments that halt multiplication of the sores. We will recommend controlling what you eat and drink. Mouth sores give more pain and discomfort, so we suggest that you stay away from acidic and irritating foods. Other sores are canker and cold sores. They are caused by cancers, biting the lips, sharp and unbent edges of the dentures, and wrongly aligned braces in the oral cavity. We repair your dentures and braces on the same day.

Cracked dentures

Dentures can also make chewing and speech impossible. We provide dentures to replace your missing and broken teeth. Misalignment of dentures is the primary cause of pain and breakages. The fitting of the dentures with the surrounding areas should be checked to prevent damage, inflammation, and problems of the bite. We recommend regular replacement of dentures. Dentures break when they are wrongly aligned and when you fall. The dentures should always be in the mouth to facilitate your speech and chewing, and complete your appearance. We understand the immediate repair of dentures. When the damage is heavy, we make an impression and craft a new denture. We provide you with comfortable dentures in a short time at our dental office.


Emergency treatments in dentistry are efficient in alleviating trauma, pain, and complications. We provide solutions to your pain, bleeding, anxiety, and discomfort with meticulous care. Our team is specialized in treating emergencies. We suggest that you rush to the dental office within 30 minutes of an accident to revert the situation.


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