General & Family Dentist In Lee's Summit, MO

Our dental office provides a full range of general dental services on adults and kids in Lee's Summit, MO.   We also have a great hygiene department. Our hygienists perform basic prophylaxis, scaling and root planings otherwise known as deep cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, laser treatments, and more.   We screen for bruxism and fabricate night guards as well as snore appliances. Dr.Bhoot leads our team for all of the restorative needs of the patients. At Dental Expressions, we restore dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, fillings, veneers, removable partial dentures, and full dentures.  Dr. Bhoot enjoys cosmetic procedures and she performs whitening and invisalign treatment as well. We also treat emergencies. Dr. Bhoot prioritizes emergencies every day. Some of these treatments include extractions, root canals, crowns, temporary removable appliances, fillings, and many more.

Our General & Family Dentistry Services Include:

Pediatric dental care

                 We believe that a child’s good dental care leads to a healthy mouth and smile in adulthood. Our child-friendly digital x-rays evaluate hidden complications, hence developmental disorders of the teeth, growth abnormalities, and issues of the gums are monitored more effectively.

Our preventive care will effectively avoid cavities, decays, and infections. We apply fluoride and sealants on teeth susceptible to caries. We guide children on diet and cleaning with clear awareness of techniques and precautions. We carefully deal with extractions. From making children feel relaxed to treating them we are experts in communicating with them. We customize mouth guards for the sports champs.

Dental implants

           We restore implants in our practice here at Dental Expressions.  Dr.Bhoot refers her patients to a specialist for placement of the implant.  A diagnosis is made for the need of an implant. It is becoming the standard of care for a patient missing a tooth.   There are risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, and poor home care which may be rate limiting when recommending an implant.   Implants are a great option especially when the neighboring teeth have no dental work, there is adequate bone, and the patient is healthy.  It is a good way to protect the neighboring teeth and preserve the dentition. A crown is placed over the implant. This may take months depending on the patient.


Root canals

Root canals save teeth from extraction and infection. The pulp cavity damaged by bacterial invasion and food particles is treated in this process. We carefully remove the infection with our advanced tools. It takes no longer than relieving your acute toothache. We carefully block further infection and soothe the pulp. We craft a procedure to check further issues at any time during the treatment. When the fillings and sealants are applied we evaluate the tooth. And we suggest postoperative care with regular checkups, regulated diet, and good oral hygiene.


Digital X-rays

             The advanced digital radiography we have opted for over the traditional x-ray is much more precise, harmless, and time-saving. Digital x-rays replace the films and long processes with live monitoring of the digital images. They enable us to check the anomalies in the underlying structures of the teeth, fractures, abscesses, inflammations, and developmental disorders.


At  Dental Expressions we offer topical treatment to all of our adult and pediatric patients.  Fluoride reinforces enamel and it also helps with damaged enamel and demineralized structure. Lack of fluoride makes teeth prone to fractures, decay, and sensitivity. We always suggest fluoride toothpastes. Acidic beverages erode the enamel. We provide fluoride gels, varnishes, creams, and oral medications.

Cosmetic dental services

A beautiful smile boosts your self confidence and can really help your self-esteem.  It can make a difference when you speak and interact. However, there can be things about your dentition that may deter you from smiling. We offer the processes and advanced techniques of teeth whitening, design and smile corrections, and esthetic restorations of  teeth to give you a great smile.


Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services Include:


Tooth whitening

Many people desire bright and shiny white teeth. We provide a reliable answer to your discolored and stained teeth. From ready to use bleaching kits to extensive treatments for both intrinsic and extrinsic stains we serve you an elite teeth whitening and smile brightening experience.


Inlays and outlays

If you consider the restorative treatments of crowns and implants painful and aggressive, inlays and onlays are a solution.  This treatment is more conservative in preserving healthy tooth structure while giving the tooth strength. We provide inlays into the cusps or outlays on to the cusps. We can customize porcelain inlays.



A missing tooth can create a lot of instability in the mouth.  A missing tooth can affect the bite, bones, gums, and can shift or crowd teeth. With the support of teeth, we restore the gaps with bridges. This will prolong longevity and feel natural and comfortable.



People can lose teeth in accidents or naturally due to decay or disease.  With our complete high-end techniques, we restore your smile by dentures where we work closely with the lab. From partial through complete and removable to implant dentures we have a sophisticated solution at hand.



We recommend natural looking, durable, tough, and comforting crowns to improve the appearance of cracked or damaged teeth. Our crowns will please your eyes. We suggest crowns for discolored teeth, as a capping, to restore a root canal, or to repair the damage.


Tooth bonding

When your tooth gets damaged, broken, chipped, and distorted, we know that you hide your smile. Apart from the veneers and crowns that you rely on we bond teeth. This enhances the life and function of the teeth. It's a painless process which will finish with a resin application, shaping, and polish.


Porcelain veneers

We prioritize your confident and beaming smile. If you have insecurities about your smile, we will come to help. We are diligent at satisfying your esthetic needs in a pleasant experience. We complete the veneers in two visits from evaluation to bonding high-quality porcelain veneers.

Emergency dental services

              Emergency dental care can be the immediate need of a person with traumatic dental injuries and accidents of the oral cavity. It can also be a severe toothache or a broken tooth.  We address emergency cases as a first concern at any time during the working hours. At Dental Expressions, we also have a 24 hour emergency answering service to address the needs of a patient after hours.  Dr.Bhoot does an excellent job treating these emergencies. There are times when she comes in off hours to treat an emergency . Broken dentures can be repaired on the same day . Injuries such as avulsed, fallen out, broken, or loose teeth are carefully treated. We provide topical medications for mouth sores and gingival bleeding. We schedule several follow ups after your treatment.


We serve you to ease your discomfort. We recommend regular dental appointments as preventive care to eliminate risks. Preserving your oral health naturally is our priority.  We make your experience cheerful with our advanced technologies in all the dental procedures and a sophisticated and gentle approach.

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