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We believe that a child's bright smile comes from good dental health. A missing tooth, crooked or crowded teeth, broken and knocked teeth, bleeding gums, cavities and decays, bad breath, and poor oral health make your child hide his/her smile.

We take care of children’s fear of smile, dental anxieties, dental issues, and poor oral hygiene. Our current treatments, calming techniques, and friendly office staff will keep your child composed and leave with a healthy smile for life.

Our Pediatric Dentistry Services Include:


Extractions are necessary for severely infected, completely decayed, loose, moving, crowded, or front teeth impacted by trauma or accidents. We opt for extraction only when a tooth is hard to preserve any longer. Starting with making the child feel relaxed and cooperative with us and providing sedation with nitrous oxide, we wait until the area around the tooth gets numb.

We then carefully extract the tooth. We explain instructions for bleeding, brushing, post extraction complications in detail to the parents. We give presents to the children to make them feel special and ease the pain.


Preventive care

We give the highest importance to preventive care, as it is essential for all ages. We deal with brushing, flossing, deeply cleaning the plaque, and gums at our regular checkups. Your child should have these habits well rooted in his/her life.

We suggest when to fill pulp treated teeth, provide a plastic coat of sealant, and fluoride treatments to prevent decays and cavities. Using mouthwashes, avoiding harsh cleaning, staying away from sugary and hard foods, and using customized sports guards helps your child's oral health.


Muth guards

Sports are as essential as food for a child to grow healthy. We understand the pain of knocked, broken, chipped, displaced, or loose teeth. So we developed mouth guards for our budding sportsmen and women. They protect the braces and guard the teeth and the structures and soft tissues in the mouth. We offer customized and thermosetting mouth guards which protect, yet make speech and breathing easy. We do any repairs after accidents and traumas at our office.

Pulp treatments

The pulp of a tooth contains blood vessels, capillaries, nerves, and blood flow. In a diseased condition, it hosts bacteria, infection, inflammation, and aches. This happens when decay or a cavity advances. We provide pulp treatments to preserve the tooth rather than extracting it. Our dentists will advise on pulpotomy and pulpectomy. We evaluate the medical history before planning a pulp treatment. Though the primary tooth falls out, preserving its health is necessary to have a healthy permanent dentition and be free from pain. Depending on the advancement of infection in the pulp we decide on pulpectomy or pulpotomy. If the damage is partial, we remove the affected part of the pulp and seal the tooth with a filling to prevent bacteria and painful pulp in pulpotomy. We remove the whole damaged pulp, prepare the tooth, fill it and seal it in pulpectomy. We handle these surgical procedures with the utmost care and ease at our office. We treat traumatic injuries demanding pulp treatment as emergency cases.


Children use their back teeth for chewing hard foods and candies. These teeth have crevices and grooves that are harder for the bristles of toothbrushes to reach. Pieces of food get stuck in and start to decay, which forms sore cavities. We know what your child needs. We apply a coat of sealant to the grooves of the tooth. It prevents bacterial infection and cavity formations. We understand your child’s anxiety and discomfort in going through dental procedures. Applying a sealant is a painless nonsurgical process which needs no panic. A cleanup, acid etching, bonding, and sealant application happen in minutes. This treatment gives your child healthy adult teeth. We recommend that you visit us every six months for a new sealant coat.


We suggest fluoride treatments for your child, as we believe that preserving natural teeth and their health is important. Fluoride is an essential mineral that protects the teeth from decays, caries, and cavities. The toothpaste we recommend contains the necessary amount of fluoride.

Children will tolerate its taste and won’t resist brushing their teeth, which will prevent their teeth from damage. Lack of fluoride demineralizes the teeth. Fluoride gels, vanishes, and tablets are replacements that we offer in such cases. We educate your child about cleaning techniques, eating, and oral care, and apply a layer of fluoride to the teeth. We believe that self-care and awareness of your child are the first steps to his/her oral health.


Digital x-ray

We replaced traditional x-rays with a film and a long process with digital x-ray in our office. We use digital radiographs to make the process more comfortable, easier, and more convenient for children. Our team will take children on a thrilling experience, calming their anxieties, providing lead collars, scanning with a digital sensor, letting them watch the images while monitoring and explaining hidden problems in their mouths.

Digital radiographs emit less radiation and are harmless. They make the assessment of dental issues and access to images easy.

   Problems like displacement in root positions, growing tumours, decays in teeth, fractures, bone abnormalities, issues with development of teeth, abscesses, and infections in the underlying tissues and bone are easy to catch in digital images. We recommend this digital imaging before concluding any treatment plans, surgical procedures, and restorations to children.


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