Root Canal Treatment Lee's Summit, MO

Root canal treatments at our office are done to keep your natural teeth intact. The pulp with its blood supply, nerve supply, and tissues lies in the core of the tooth. An infection starts with a cavity invaded by bacteria. Complications grow as the infection progresses. Hence we stress the need for regular dental checkups to keep an eye on traces of infection.

What is a root canal? Why is it necessary?

A root canal is a natural tooth-saving procedure recommended when a tooth is damaged utterly by infection. We prioritize the preservation of natural teeth to their removal. There are certain symptoms that will show when you need root canal treatment. Look for swelling around the tooth and acute endless toothache. These are the primary symptoms. Pus and abscess in the gums, inability to bite, a fracture, or pain in the nerve will often follow. Sensitivity, severity, and swelling show the extent of the infection. Apart from all this, an untreated tooth with these problems leads to complications. The health of the neighboring tooth and the life of the damaged tooth are in danger.

A root canal treatment ensures complete removal and eradication of the infection.

The procedure

Root canal treatment has a number of steps. Diagnosis and evaluation of the tooth for infections and damage is the first step. Local anesthesia is given to numb the tooth and its surroundings.  The process continues only once the area is numb. A dental dam made out of rubber that is latex free is utilized to isolated the tooth that is being worked on. An access hole is prepared through the crown into the pulp and damaged area of the pulp and the whole pulp. The root canals are cleansed with antiseptics. The sterilized root canals are prepared. If there is any abscess or inflammation, the process is paused. Substances like gutta-percha form the filling. In general, the filling is done on the same day or at the next appointment. The filling is covered by a crown. On the next appointment, the crown is placed over the filling.

An impression of the tooth is taken to prepare a customized crown. The crown prevents further damage or invasion of infection. The crown is cemented into place. We offer crowns in a variety of materials: porcelain, gold, resin, etc. in a natural look. With our advanced technique, we usually complete the procedure in hours and schedule the next appointment. We prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to ease postoperative discomfort.

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